Inlett Properties


New Development Opportunity
Town of Nipawin, Saskatchewan

Development Outline

Mixed Use • Residential • Commercial • Retail

Commercial retail units up to 16,000 Sq Ft - AVAILABLE
Hotel Site (60+ rooms) - AVAILABLE
Restaurant Site (4,000 Sq Ft)
Residential: two-storey 3 BR townhouse units (30), single family 3 BR units (6)

Inlett Properties' proposed development gets press and is the talk of the town with Council and Economic Development Committee, the Chamber and business community.  

Town of Nipawin Economic Development Officer Karen Worobec states, "The Inlett development was brought up at our last council meeting and the press picked it up and mentioned it in this week's Nipawin Journal. There is certainly a great deal of interest and excitement with the proposed development."

Read a news item from the Nipawin Journal

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